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A full calendar of events is shaping up for 2022 to mark the 750th anniversary of the town gaining its charter. Granted by Henry de Lacy in 1272, the charter enabled Congleton to hold fairs and markets and elect a mayor and ale taster!

This is a great chance to bring the people of Congleton together to celebrate our town, its history and all the many things that are special about Congleton. It will hopefully offer an opportunity for the town to come back together after months of social distancing and cancelled events.

The celebrations will open with a real medieval feel, proposed activities include:

Heraldic Flags

Town centre buildings will be adorned with heraldic flags during the summer months and Mountbatten Way will be decorated with colour as heraldic banners fly high.

The Thirteenth Century was a golden age of heraldry and we're planning to observe heraldic tradition. Bright strong colours will be used along with the Henry De Lacy colours of purple and gold. The town centre flags will be purely symbolic without words or numbers, they will be very pertinent to Congleton, using a modern twist which reflects the market town.

This is Tewkesbury - they have inspired us and have been very supportive and helpful about all things heraldic!

If you fancy wielding a paintbrush, look out for flag making workshops, hosted by Congleton Community Projects. A great opportunity to learn more about heraldry and assist with the design and production.

CCP was delighted to secure a Heritage Lottery Fund to take the project forward.