DJ’s Past & Present

£750 raised for Congleton Community Projects!!!

We would like to thank DJs Past and Present for a fabulous fund raising Soul Night on Friday 4th October in the Town Hall. Many thanks to Andy Farron, Steve Walsh and Chris Booth for volunteering their famous DJ skills for the night. Richard Wharf not only took up his stint as DJ but also organised the whole event so a huge thanks to him for all his time and generous support for Congleton Community Projects.

Thanks too for nearly 200 Northern Soulers who bought tickets and danced throughout the night. We also held a 50/50 raffle where the one winning ticket took half the pot accrued. Lucky Sandra Bainbridge had the winning ticket for the second year running and had also won first prize a few years previously. She won £115 but felt so guilty for winning so many times that she donated it all to charity including £50 of her winnings to Congleton Community Projects. Thanks very much Sandra for your generosity.